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What you need to know about the gender pay gap

Companies will cooperate with the government on a new programme designed to tackle the gender pay gap and create equal working opportunities for men and women.

Impact of the substantive employee ban on NHS Agency staff

A ban on substantive employment could have had a significant impact on many workers, but it was scrapped at the last minute following a consultation with doctors and nurses.

Why some doctors will seek a pay increase for earning prior to IR35 changes

Doctors impacted by changes to IR35 may end up paying significantly more tax than in the past, which could have a huge effect on the NHS.

Budget 2017: Key Outputs for NHS Trusts

HMRC made available the draft legislation regarding how changes to IR35 will be applied to Public Sector engagements in December 2016 following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

How can vendor management systems help with supply chain management?

Vendor management systems can have a positive impact on supply chain management.

Top Recruitment Trends for the Healthcare Sector

LinkedIn and flexible working are among the big trends in healthcare.

How to tackle issues facing medical staffing

The NHS handles medical staffing and quality of care through a number of measures.

Temporary labour vital to NHS services

Temporary labour is absolutely crucial to running the NHS efficiently.

NHS battling the winter freeze

The NHS' resources are stretched as the cold weather takes hold over the UK.

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