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Our Story

Brookson was founded in 1995 by Rick and Carolyn Nevinson who had a vision of creating an accountancy and legal company with a difference – a company passionate about meeting the needs of their customers through innovation and personal attention; these are values that the firm continue to uphold today.

Where we are now

Due to frequent requests from both the NHS and healthcare workers, in 2012 we started creating special solutions for the NHS and wider healthcare sector and we have gone on to be one of the most important providers in the industry.

Our experienced team of in-house solicitors, accountants and recruitment experts support:

  • £130m of temporary healthcare labour spend each year
  • Over £50m of annual VAT savings in the NHS
  • 37 NHS clients
  • A number of private healthcare clients
  • Hundreds of recruitment agencies
  • 10,000+ timesheet completions, approvals and payments per month

This unrivalled knowledge continues to help evolve our service lines to address ongoing industry challenges, including IR35 changes, Criminal Finances Act legislation, government efficiency targets and the changing world of healthcare.

As well as our NHS clients, we also support over 90,000 flexible workers, advising them on key accountancy and legislative points, whilst reassuringly removing reputational and financial risks.


We strongly believe that our core values have helped develop the pioneering and friendly approach that comes with a level of proactivity that should make you feel like we are the most helpful pair of hands your business could ask for.

Whilst we underpin our accountancy, legal and recruitment services with the best technology in the market, it is our people that make the real difference for our clients. Our employees have the best interests of our clients at heart, giving you the confidence that we will always find a way of delivering compliant, efficient, cost-saving services that never risk the quality of care delivered by your organisation.

We exist to help our customers succeed and aim to deliver an excellent experience. We act with empathy and understanding. We take ownership of our customers’ needs and demonstrate our commitment by acting quickly. We go above and beyond to provide the best support and advice to our customers and colleagues. We value people and we help them wherever we can. We care.

We make sure we understand our customers’ specific needs. We are knowledgeable and have good judgement and common sense. We are confident in our opinions, sharing them proactively. We use our capabilities to deliver great advice and service to our customers to enable them to make better financial decisions.

We make things clear and simple for our customers and for each other. We are easy to reach and easy to deal with. We avoid complexity and love simplicity. We communicate in clear language, avoiding jargon and technical terms. We are totally transparent.

We are positive in our attitude and are passionate about making a difference. We embrace change, continuously seeking new and better ways to work, for each other and for customers. We think creatively and encourage innovation. We challenge convention and tackle new opportunities head on. We get things done quickly.

We keep our finger on the pulse, staying close to our customers and up to speed with what’s happening in the changing world of work. We utilise our networks and connections to support our customers and each other. We work closely with each other across the business to ensure we deliver a joined up customer experience.